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At Offender Solutions® we are quite proud of what we have accomplished. Offender Solutions® was founded through the combined 43 years of experience of a parole officer, a juvenile probation officer, a college instructor and a justice system policy analyst. Each of these roles contributed greatly to the style, delivery and content of the work we do.

As you surely know, getting results with offenders is no easy task. We don't make ridiculous claims like a 95% success rate but we do know that we use best practices. Offender Solutions® addresses victim issues, accountability and personal responsibility. Our approach is the most effective intervention - cognitive restructuring - and based on the ground breaking work outlined in "The Psychology of Stealing" by Steven M. Houseworth, MA.

We know that of the thousands of clients who have gone through - and successfully completed - this program, 86% do not re-offend within one year. Of equal or greater importance is that 84% do not re-offend after two years. This low attrition rate suggests to us that "if" the client gets it, he really does get it. We are proud of our work and expect you will be pleased with our offender solution.

We stronlgy subscribe to evidence based practices. Our approach is to target the criminogenic risk factor of "Attitudes, values and beliefs". We utilize the most effective evidence based intervention - cognitive restructuring and maintain the philosopy that if a person changes their thoughts, they will change their behaviors.


An online (internet) theft / shoplifting class.


For adult or juvenile clients who need to complete a theft class, required by a court / probation officer / retailer / school / other persons, or for anyone who wants to get help on their own.


Anytime, at the client's convenience.

Program description:

This program is for people who have been involved in any theft related offense. This course is appropriate for mandated clients who are required to attend theft counseling/classes or for those seeking help on their own. The student works through seven assignments and is tested after each assignment and again at the conclusion of the course. A Certificate of Completion is activated at the conclusion of the course and can be printed and used as confirmation of completion.


1. Our internet online class is $50 for our 4 hour class and $65.00 for our 8 hour class.
2. Our Correspondence Course with the Manual is $75.00

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. 

~Mary Engelbreit



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Taking a theft class, theft course or attending a theft school can be a very helpful way to guide your life away from stealing, shoplifting or other theft behaviors which in the short run are very appealing. But, in the long run a life as a theft offender, a life of stealing, shoplifting etc., is one which leads to a dissatisfied and unfulfilled life. Certainly some people are down and out and, as such, feel the need to steal, shoplift, or commit some other form of theft but let me say... there are always options which work better than stealing. Think about your options - there are always options to stealing, shoplifting or other forms of theft. A theft class / theft course or shoplifting class can help!

Take a theft class from Offender Solutions®. Get started on a better life - now!

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Offender Solutions® Inc is a convenient way to complete a Court, School or Diversion required theft / shoplifting program

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Change your thoughts and
you change your world.

~ Norman Vincent Peale