I have a comment I would like to share. I have just completed your course and I would like to tell you how much I learned from this course. I am a 54 yr old professional that made a error in judgement in a Worker's Comp case. I had the attitude as you described in the course of "its not hurting anyone"....Your lessons brought me back into my childhood and made me remember how many people "I hurt" ..For this I thank you and you have changed my life. "I DO CARE"

Gary G

I just completed my course, I guess I just want to go over what I did learn and what I'm still struggling with.

I would be lying if I said I didnt learn anything, and I would also be lying if I said it wasn't still hard for me to have thoughts of stealing. I suppose it will take time and practice at becoming a normal human again before these thoughts go away. I have not stolen since and I honestly have changed my thinking about it.

I do feel very bad about what I did.

When I was caught, I did not care. I mean I can honestly say when I turned around and saw LP behind me I just rolled my eyes, went back in the store and was like yeah yeah yeah just give me my citation so I can go. I became more worried when the reality that I was going to court and this would be on my record kicked in. That being said whether I cared at the time or not, I still carried around the weight that what I was doing was wrong. I felt really bad inside about the selfish person that I had become. (my eyes are pretty welled up right now)

What I didnt expect from this course was that it would bring back values I used to believe in. A reminder of who I truly am inside. That feels really good and I do want to thank you guys. I do feel like I could use some support to continue to make good choices.

Thank you again,



Hello.Wow, I just figured out my bad choices in people and why I am here. Your class made me have many different feeling's overcome me. Make's no difference this class was amazing for so many reasons. It has opened my eyes to so much and I will come back if I have question's. So obvious the hard work, time thought etc. put into this class. Myself being A.D.D with no medication last couple years had a lot of frustration,  but knowing I had to go back till I got it right in my head has been so worth it! Thank You To All Of You or You that put so much effort and care into this class. I hope to keep as much as I am capable of in my memory bank. Lord knows I have enough note's to go back on

This course is all what I needed and I learn a lot. Everything what a read was new, great stories and I develop feeling that I didn\'t know that I had. Sometimes the stories or statements make me cry and realize how wrong I was. I have learn about myself. I would like to read more about others people experiencies it will be interesting it does not metter will take longer every module. Thank you

I like many others before myself thought that I knew that I had done something wrong and that no one or anything else would make me understand better, I was wrong. This course explained so many things to me. Each chapter was a new realization and understanding. I learned the most in chapter 6.

I was very impressed with this class. I was very challenged by the course material. Not that its hard, just that it forces you to read, re-read, and think. Ultimately leading you to become part of the message! Thanks for reminding me what it means to be Human.

This course met my needs and exceeded them. This course was not just a course on theft, it made me think about myself and really look deep into what I have done and the affects of my actions. The course was great!

I want to let you know that Chapter 6 is my most favorite chapter so far (it did really hit me through my heart with goose bumps). Chapter 6 tackles so many issues that are so close to my heart with my personal belief. Chapter 6 is so well written that no one can argue the sincerity of the person who wrote this chapter. Also, it is very well thought of, it is sensitive to any ones belief, and at the same it breaks my heart (and any reader) because of the genuineness of the writer. I still have the last chapter to do but I can honestly tell you that this class is so powerful (both emotionally and mentally to me) that makes everything now so clear, which will make me think twice before making my (good) choices to do things the way I did (wrong choices) previously. The words that the writer use in this chapter is so influential that I can always hear it behind my brain and is like the song in Chapter 3 stuck in my brain that keep on replaying back and forth.

[Regarding the Chapter on] Punishment another good on. This may actually be the most valuable piece of information I have ever read. This is not just applicable in my own life but in understanding dealings with children, understanding others' behavior and even watching politics. I think I have always intuitively known these facts, but to read them spelled out was very powerful. You did make your point and I agree completely.

I am really enjoying the class way more than I thought.  Even though I have held that the meds disoriented me and even the doctors agreed, I am now thinking that I had some bad thoughts in my head or I wouldn't have stolen.  I wouldn't have taken my clothes off and run through the streets.  Why did I take the items? Why did I pay for most of them?

This was one of the most beneficial classes I have ever taken. it gave me a broad view and changed my views on things, not only on stealing, but on a variety of levels. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of counseling for this matter. I learned alot of new stuff that I didn't before, and it helped me to be a better person, and certainly more wise too.

I have one word to describe it :AWESOME!


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